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Best Debutant Award Winner for West Zone

Within almost a decade of its existence, Kidzee has nurtured more than 4,00,000 children throughout India. Being a pioneer and a leader in ECCE (Early Childhood Care & Education), Kidzee has set unparalleled standards in the CDE (Child Development & Education) space. With over 1350+ centers in more than 500+ cities, Kidzee is the largest preschool chain in Asia.

With years of dedicated research done by its CDE experts, Kidzee has developed the best-in-class child centric learning methodology called iLLUME. Through iLLUME, Kidzee ensures that every child learns and develops in the best possible way.

Our Kidzee Classes

Every Kidzee classroom is designed in such a way that iLLUME is implemented and executed in the best possible manner.

From carefully creating open places filled with child friendly equipment to visual stimulation through pictures & videos, every classroom is engineered to provide children with the best learning experience.


iLLUME kit, which is a part of every Kidzee, is chosen by Kidzee team of experts to ensure that it stimulates all the intelligences of a child and provides her with multiple pathways to enhance learning.

The focus is on providing learning aids that help the child to explore and learn in ways that interest her. Kidzeeā€™s core belief is that every child is unique and has an infinite potential; she just needs help in realizing it. Through iLLUME, Kidzee helps children discover their learning style and inculcates the love for learning in their early years. iLLUME is an enabler for a child to learn at her own pace and makes learning a joyful experience.

iLLUME places a child at the centre and all the eight pillars of iLLUME are designed around a child for her overall development.

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